Week 5 Update

July 31, 2023

Hi all,

A month has passed and here we are at the beginning of another week.

Faucet - As mentioned the claim amount will vary so does a limit for each day that you can claim. We do this to protect you and us for the programs' longevity.

Offerwall - CPX has been added since it was added. It has been the highest-paid survey wall in the market but it has a holding days period to verify your activity.

You can easily earn $2-$10 per day by taking surveys on Offerwall. What you need is patience. Keep answering with full honesty as there are a lot of repeat questions or tricky questions linked to your past questions. The algorithm is smart enough to detect if you are honest when answering questions.

The more surveys you complete the higher chance you get a higher payout survey. Build up your algorithm with the walls and months down the road you will be thankful for these tips.

Timewall - has no holding periods. They may not have many surveys but depending on where you are from, it will route you to other survey walls. However, we encourage everyone to spend more time at TimeWall. By spending more time at TimeWall, users will be rewarded with more surveys and no holding periods.

Ad Network - We are still bringing more ad networks to the platform. We are still in the process of setting up for the bigger guys to come.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Happy Promoting!

Week 4 Update

July 24, 2023

Hi All.


A fresh start to a referral contest running for 30 days. 0.0045BTC is in the pool to be shared with the top 10 positions. The pool is derived from the traffic collected from the previous referral contest. The more activity we receive, the more exciting prizes will be awarded.


* is live now! there is still some work to be done, However, members can start signing up and promoting your Paid to promote link to earn more from these new opportunities! More updates will be published by this week.* edit(27/7) Delay Launched will update when it is ready


We are growing steadily and would be glad to answer any questions. Please email us at [email protected] or join our Telegram Group.

We would appreciate it if you left us a Trustpilot review!


Happy Promoting!

Han Mohamad

Week 3 Update

July 17, 2023

Hi all,

Woohoo, we got a new look! Hope you like it as much as we do.


The top question this week is. Why is the referral contest prize so low?

First of all, thank you for your concern and participation. Let me explain here.


We won't give away what we can't afford. Period. With that said we make a very detailed calculation on all our rewards that's including referrals contest prizes. Rewards don't just appear in our account randomly to be given out.


We truly want to build a true revenue-sharing platform that shares all the revenue we got with all active members without any investment or purchases needed. Our revenue comes from all the ad networks, and advertising on the platform. This requires patience, time, member activity and quality traffic.


Many revenue-sharing platforms out there come and go. They share their revenue by taking members' money and they do the work to generate income. Here at Cryptohits, it has been built in a way that when we work together systemically the revenue will just come in and we all will reap the benefits from it without any risk involved.


We are here to stay so as much as we want CryptoHits to succeed we need YOU! Our request is not for your money, but for your time, commitment, patience and belief that CryptoHits will remain here for a very long time.


Any questions feel free to contact the admin. You can contact the admin here.

We are on TrustPilot, so please write us a review! CryptoHits Review Here

Happy Claiming!

Have a great week,

CryptoHits Team

Week 2 Update

July 10, 2023

Hi all,

Your participation in something so important is greatly appreciated.

Faucet - claims amounts are variable. The amount will depend on the site activity, traffic, unique visitors, new members etc... It comes from all of our ad networks, which generate revenue. We share 90% of it with our members.

View Ads/Surf Ads - These ads are from our advertiser. The amount of ads available will grow as we grow. Use your referral links to invite more advertisers.

Shortlink - Shortlink pays can be very rewarding although they are a bit annoying to complete but once you know it. It will be worth your time and in CryptoHits you get 1 Lucky ticket for every short link completed so you can stack up that ticket and we wish you good luck!

Our referral contest offers a small token of appreciation to our top referrals, but remember you can have unlimited and it's yours forever, your referral is the key to additional passive income. Watch your satoshi grow as you build a team!


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." ~ Vincent Van Gogh


Thank You

Han Mohamad

Week 1 Update

July 3, 2023

Hi all,

There are currently two walls on Offerwall. More will be added in the future.

The shortlink has been added. More might be added depending on the response.

Next, we are going to focus on designing the website. As you know, this is a standard template, but we will change it!

Do join our Telegram group, it is so quiet there ?

Have a good weekend

CryptoHits Admin